Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Revlon just bitten lip balm stain in Crush review + FOTD

Hey everyone,

I am badly obsessed with Revlon's lip balm stain. I just cant get enough of Sweetheart Valentine which I reviewed here. I love the color and the staying power. Infact I love everything about it. Today I would be reviewing my sister's stain in Crush beguin. Crush is a dark browny maroon color which looks really pretty on a variety of skintones. Lets move on with the review.

Price:- 600/-

Crush is a deep berry maroon color. It is browner than Smitten which is more of a dark pink. Both the colors are pretty in their own way. This one in crush is just as smooth. The texture is very balm like but the pigmentation is awesome. I apply till the time I dont get the proper amount of color on the lips.

The staying power is super awesome. Lasts for 7 hours easily with eating in between. I have never come across a product with such an awesome lasting power. When freshly applied it has a cooling mint feel to the lips. Although I have a habit of applying lip balm before putting anything one, I dont really require one with this. It keeps the lips moisturized for atleast 3 hours after which they start feeling dry. Once they do I just top it off with a regular lip balm and I m all set.

The color is not something that would be everyone's cup of tea. It goes well with medium to dusky skintones but it can be a color difficult to pull off during the summers. The color is perfect for winters and autumn season. It may look a bit old fashioned sorts on people with really light skintone. So make sure you try it in the store before buying it.

Overall, I love the entire collection and everything about these lip stains. If you have nt tried one I highly recommend you to go buy one for yourself today. I m sure you wont be disappointed.

1. Lovely color
2. Really long lasting
3. Available in a wide range of colors
4. Lovely texture
5. Easily available

1. None for me 

My rating:- 5/5


Ritu said...

looks lovely on you Harman :)
I guess this is the only shade from this range which has managed to attract me so far... I'm kind of not liking the shades in this range... all pinky and light :(

Aparajita said...

The color really suits you....
BTW do a skin care post...love how your skin all glowy and radiant...share your secret ;)

Lee.B said...

I got sweetheart and i love the shade but i cant stand the minty fragrance :(.about crush..well the shade doesnt attract me but gal u rock it!! U make it look so so pretty.btw ur skin is just glowing..!

Goga said...

Thank you Ritu :-) yeah the colors are pretty pinky sorts. Even I want more but I m confused abt the colors

Goga said...

Thank you Aparjita. I ll do it for sure :-) but its God gifted mostly

Goga said...

I lovvveee the color sweetheart. :-) thanks Lee. :-)

Gauri said...

I'd ♥ to have this!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Goga said...

I m glad you liked it Gauri :)

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