Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mac eyeshadow review- Folie

Hey guys,
I just thought today that I would also review my 3 rd eye shadow from Mac. As you will see this is the second half of my incomplete Mac eye shadow quad. This eye shadow is a matte brown colour called Folie. I got this colour in a matte version because all the other eye shadows that I had were mostly shimmery, so in order to avoid too much of bling on my eyes I thought I would go for a matte eye shadow colour. This colour is a dark brown in the pan but not so brown on the eyes. Actually it is very good for the outer V and the crease area.

Price:- 680/- Current price 720/-

This eye shadow is a stuck up one. When i try to swatch it, it just does nt want to come off my finger, so stubborn. It just clung to my finger and made it impossible to swatch, hence the light swatches. The colour it pigmented but not as much as some other eye shadows from Mac. I find the Veluxe pearl finishes the best eye shadow finishes by Mac. They re not too shimmery and are insanely pigmented.

Haha, funny story. One day I tired using this colour to contour my face since I thought that bronzers also look like this only. You wont believe how stupid I ended up looking. Moral of the story- Don't think that all the matte brown colours in this world can be used to contour your face. You need lighter browns for that.

Back to the review now. I wanted a crease eye shadow that would go well with both woodwinked and All that glitters which are my favorite eye shadows in this whole world. But I also wanted a subtle colour so I picked this one  up. This has not disappointed me during its application, it just wants to irritate me when I swatch it on my hand. It goes on nicely, is pretty pigmented and there is absolutely no fall out. The eye shadow is a bit hard to work with, I find its texture a bit dry but on the whole it is a nice colour.

The colour is not one that you cant find a duplicate for. I just wanted to finish  my Mac quad, so I have been buying these eye shadow refills. This colour can also be worn on the lild, it will give a nice and smokey effect to the eye lid. I have personally never tried that. Also I would nt really call this as a must have shade but if you are somewhere near my skintone, then it will work very well for your crease area. 

The colour stays on for about 5 to 6 hours after which every single colour in this universe fades on my eyes, so it is nt really the fault of this eye shadow. If you apply it over a primer it will give a nice colour and would look really nice.

It simply refused to come off my finger!!

Overall, I would say that this is a nice colour. If you want a good matte brown colour from Mac then do check this one out. I dont think it will disappoint you :)

1. No fall out
2. Pigmented if used with a brush or a sponge
3. Works well as a crease as well as a lid colour
4. Lasts pretty long

1. A bit hard to work with since its not that smooth
2. Price but then of course it is Mac
3. Due to its texture, it can go on patchy at times

Over all rating:- 4/5

Hope all of you have an amazing sunday :)


Pout Pretty said...

Looks great!

Coral Crue said...

great staying power!

Niesha said...

such a pretty neutral.:)
Nice one Gogs.:)

Goga said...

Thank you Guys :)

Preetha Karthik said...

i was about to get it harman..glad u reviewd..if its going to get patchy m deg skipping it

Goga said...

Yeah I think you can find many other colours like this one :)

Samannita Modak said...

hey i have an award for you in my blog:-

Goga said...

thank you for the award :)

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